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Taking a Risk

The next day at nine Alan was at his desk looking through an agency proof book—pages of color and black and white advertisements that J Dunaway Advertising had produced, including many from his own group. He was astonished at how … Continue reading

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Guys Who Like to Go Fast

“Christ, if I were running the account management of this fucking agency I’d get Dick Fields out of here,” Alan’s head art director, Clay Ogden, said, whipsawing a metal ruler on his drawing board.

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32. Lunch at the Racquet Club

New York’s Racquet and Tennis Club stood grandly, covering a full block on Park Avenue. Alan passed through the marble lobby with the ugly statue of the tennis player in the middle.

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31. Who Will Get the Account?

They entered the creative department through the enormous leather padded doorway. Alan smiled at the four typing secretaries arranged in a four-stall cubicle. Frederick Taylor, meet Herman Miller, he thought.

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28. Doing What the Boss Says

Alan stood by the picture window in his office and looked at the New York skyline. He’d been back for a week from a five-day trip to the coast. The fifteenth of August. Nothing was quite as it had been.

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6. New Writer on the New Business

By Richard N. Anderson If this were going to work, Alan would need a new writer on the business. The Trans US Airlines account was manna from heaven—the question was could they get the international routes?

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