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38. Back in Town

Alan flew home overnight from the coast. The surly cab driver who had picked him up at Kennedy Airport made a u-turn to drop him at his building.

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24. The Casting Session

By Richard N. Anderson “I suppose somebody is going to have something crazy for breakfast,” Alan said smiling as he looked at the Beverly Hills’ breakfast menu with its unorthodox list of steaks, obscure pears, and funny sounding omelets.

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23. Landing in Lotus Land

By Richard N. Anderson Alan looked at the San Rafael Mountains from his first class seat in the 747. His thoughts rambled on as the plane continued descending into what the stewardesses always called the “Los Angeles area.” Airline language … Continue reading

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22. Making an Appearance

The studio offices of Parkwood Kahn were on West 45th Street in an old narrow commercial building with the world’s slowest elevator. A Pinkerton guard sat beside a dead palm plant on a folding chair reading the Post.

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3. Lunch in the Third Avenue Sun

By Richard N. Anderson Alan couldn’t take his eyes off the tall girl with close-cropped brown hair in the Brother Rat’s waitress uniform.

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