Quick Synopsis

The story opens in June 1967. Alan Robinson, 36, is a Copy Chief for J. Dunaway Advertising, a legendary big agency, where he leads a group of five younger copywriters. Normally he lives with his wife Liddie and their three small kids in an apartment in the east 80’s in Manhattan. But to escape the heat, Liddie has taken the children to Pequot Island in Connecticut. He visits on the weekends. This is very common among their set, but it’s also common that businessmen left in New York without the family, “misbehave”.

In late May Alan’s friend Brad, a movie producer, introduced him to the top fashion model in New York. Alan fell for Kikki immediately and he and the nineteen year old beauty see each other regularly when she is not working at an exotic location.

Alan’s wife, Liddie is a stay at home mom who wishes Alan had a more professional career. Her dismissal of advertising, (and of him), has begun to take a toll on Alan. He seems to want something more, but maybe he’s not looking in the right places. What was it he used to love about the advertising business? About Liddie? Could he survive a shake up at Dunaway? Where else would he go?

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