Monthly Archives: February 2016

30. A Little Triangulation

“I think they’re trying to screw us,” Alan snarled, as he got into the limousine. “Who?” Bob Wilson, the account management supervisor, asked. Alan and Wilson had just finished presenting new advertising for Wholesome Soups to its management.  The presentation … Continue reading

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29. The Nooner

The Art Director left Tom Hartley’s office carrying the notes and a few sketches for the Jamesville Fresh Soup campaign. Now Alan, Charlie and Tom could laugh about the night before at PJs.

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28. Doing What the Boss Says

Alan stood by the picture window in his office and looked at the New York skyline. He’d been back for a week from a five-day trip to the coast. The fifteenth of August. Nothing was quite as it had been.

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27. Early Morning at The Beverly Hills Hotel

From across the pool Claire appeared to have nothing on. He squinted and watched her climb out of the water–so unlike Kikki, and he wanted her more.

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